The highest priority for the Adaptive Golf Experience organization is the health, safety and well-being of all participants, AGE volunteers, as well as everyone at our host facilities that generously offer their golf course for our activities and events. The intent of the following policies and procedures is to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19 by utilizing publicly available guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but the AGE cannot guarantee a risk-free environment. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow these guidelines and do your part to help make our activities and events as safe as possible. We thank you in advance for familiarizing yourself and following all policies and procedures the AGE has implemented. Until further notice, the following policies and procedures will be in effect:

Prior to clinics:

  • If you feel sick, show any symptoms of COVID-19, or have felt sick or shown symptoms in the last fourteen (14) days, we ask that you stay home and not attend any clinics.
  • The number of participants at clinic locations may be limited so that we can promote social distancing and other policies and procedures outlined here. If this is necessary, AGE may also break a clinic up into multiple sessions and reduce the length of time for a session in order to accommodate more participants.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to bring and wear a mask and to bring their own equipment for clinics and to limit equipment to no more than four (4) clubs at a clinic. AGE will have limited equipment available and will sanitize all AGE-owned equipment after each use.
  • We request that participants not arrive at the golf course more than 15 minutes prior to the clinic start time so that we can avoid potential large gatherings of participants.

During clinics:

  • We request that social (physical) distancing is always practiced by keeping at least six (6) feet from others. At clinics, the AGE may install rope, barriers or signage on the ground or above the ground to help promote social distancing.
  • Participants will be required to check-in on site at each clinic and undergo a health-screening questionnaire before they are permitted to participate. Please wear your mask.
  • There are no restrictions on caregivers attending clinics. However, caregivers are encouraged to wear a face covering when assisting a participant and to maintain social distancing with all other participants.
  • Participants are asked to refrain from physical contact with others to include handshakes, hugs, fistbumps, high-fives, etc.
  • Please be aware of any signage on and around the golf course that provides important safety instructions.
  • Carts may be used to transport participants to and from various locations on the course (to/from parking lot, between clinic stations, etc.) including during emergency or course evacuation situations. During these times, social distancing may not be possible, and participants should be prepared to ride with another individual if they choose to utilize a cart before, during or after a clinic.