Participants of the Adaptive Golf Experience include motivated individuals with physical limitations. These limitations range from spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders such as MS to amputees, stroke survivors or individuals recovering from orthopedic surgeries (Rotator cuff repair, Knee or Hip replacement, Hand surgery).

Each participant is paired with a trained volunteer. With the help of trained and certified PGA Adaptive Golf Coach and specialized equipment including Soloriders, Paragolfers or customized clubs nearly anyone with physical limitations wanting to get back to the game can adapt and overcome to enjoy golf.

This type of activity can aid in rehabilitation to improve strength, coordination, balance and endurance.  Above all, Adaptive Golf provides a social support group to encourage each other to stay active, fit, and healthy while being a part of the local golf community.

The Adaptive Golf Clinic is a golf clinic specifically designed for Veterans and civilians throughout the Lowcountry.

Our clinics are FREE and include professional instructors, use of our equipment and our specialized carts. Our generous Sponsors and a grant from the Veterans Administration cover expenses.

To join us for our next monthly clinic, click the “I Want to Participate” link on the right side of the page.

We are looking forward to helping you get back to the game of Golf and enjoying life.

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